Dunn Development Corp. often collaborates with nonprofit organizations to jointly develop affordable or supportive housing. Our partners include community-based housing organizations, supportive housing providers, and faith-based institutions. We work together to design the optimal project that best meets the needs of the communities served. We continue to seek out strong, capable and committed partners.

Dunn Development Corp. is not a contractor, and therefore, our interests are aligned with those of our nonprofit partners – we both want to spend wisely on construction and neither of us profits from change orders or cost overruns. Dunn Development Corp. plays an active role in building design and is extremely diligent in ensuring the general contractor builds exactly to the architect’s design. Our goal is to be the partner of choice for nonprofit organizations in developing affordable or supportive housing.

Dunn Development Corp.’s current non-profit partners include:

Dunn Development Corp. also plays an active role in advocating for additional resources for affordable and supportive housing. We are members of /contributors to the following organizations:


“What separates Dunn Development Corp. from most private developers is that they invest in the future. They care about the end product for people who need it most: a beautiful building with carefully planned details; high quality, durable finishes that last; and energy efficient design elements, that may cost more in the short term, but rein in ongoing costs for the nonprofit sponsor.”

Steve Coe
Executive Director
Community Access


Dunn Development Corp. works closely with a wide range of government and private financing sources including:


New York State Agencies

New York State Homes and Community Renewal

New York State Energy Research and Development Authority

New York State Homeless Housing and Assistance Corporation

New York State Housing Finance Agency

New York State Office for People with Development Disabilities

New York State Office of Mental Health

New York City Agencies

New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

New York City Department of Homeless Services

New York City Department of Housing Preservation & Development

New York City Housing Development Corporation

New York City Human Resources Administration - HIV/AIDS Services Administration

Private Lenders/Investors

Bank of America

Carver Federal Savings Bank

Citibank Community Development

Community Preservation Corporation

Enterprise Community Investment

Fannie Mae

Federal Home Loan Bank of New York

Freddie Mac

Hudson Housing Capital


JPMorgan Capital Corporation

JPMorgan Chase Bank

Redstone Companies

The Richman Group of Companies

Wells Fargo/Wachovia